About us

The INTELLIGENT ARCHIVE Company is a team of highly qualified professionals with an extensive expertise in various sectors of the archival industry, media and production enterprises (radio, television and space industry).

We have designed, implemented, serviced, upgraded and operated a variety of different archives and television productions. We have millions of storage units and hours of audiovisual content behind us.

Our team has more than ten years of experience in the field of digital archive development and management. The biggest projects are:


The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), the largest media holding in Europe, one of the largest in the world.

We developed the united media archive, which included archives of "Russia-1", "Russia HD", "Sport", "Russia 24", "Moscow 24" TV channels, “Radio Russia" and "Mayak” radio stations.

The archive is integrated with the main TV productions; the storage materials are available for searching, viewing and using. We carried out normalization and consolidation of the databases.


The State TV and Radio Fund (GTRF), one of the largest audiovisual archives in the world.

We developed the systems for scanning, processing and storing media and the software for media assets management. We arranged the integration with office management and accounting systems of the Funds.

The main quantitative parameters of the project are: 14 stations for digitization, more than 30 simultaneous streams of digitization, more than 700 TB of disk storage’s volume, more than 20 PB of the tape library’s volume, 150 simultaneously working users, and 25 % of more than 1 million hours of storage materials have been digitized for two years.

Today we have a unique experience and a set of standardized offers to solve tasks that arise in media companies of any scale.

The important advantage of our solutions is their complete adaptation to a particular business process. Our solutions are multipurpose, but at the same time, they fully preserve the individuality of each company. This is what gives us an advantage over proprietary solutions and systems developed only for a particular project.

Our specialization
Orderly data storage, processing of Big Data, archives and multimedia, digitization, digital rights management, development of interfaces for users and systems.
Our goal
Improvement of the management capacity, predictability and automation of existing business processes and transparency of reporting systems.
Our solutions
Russian software focused on archives and media data proceeding in various environments and their description.
Our approach
A unique platform and a paradigm of installation that allows you to connect the standard "under the hood" mechanism with an interface, designed for a particular business process of a given client, while not losing reliability and speed of the operation.

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Our address
2-ya Maryinoy Roshchi street, 2a,
Moscow, Russia
General Director – Kirill Yavlukhin