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Our main product is the INTELLIGENT ARCHIVE software developed for managing media assets and archives of documents.

Our software is the first IT-solution developed specifically for a wide range of tasks to manage archived media in different environments, combining tools of rights and materials management.

Our software is an advanced Russian development based on more than 10 years of experience in constructing digital archives for TV and radio companies and specialized archival institutions.

Our team has developed the INTELLIGENT ARCHIVE software; therefore, we do not offer a sublicense of third party software.

Our software is based on Open Source components, so its operation, updating and support do not depend on foreign developers’ actions or regulatory authorities.

The INTELLIGENT ARCHIVE solutions consider specificity of each our client, whether archival institutions, TV and radio broadcasters, film studios, news agencies and other producers, aggregators and broadcasters of video, audio and photo content. We provide a full range of installation, support and IT consulting services.

The INTELLIGENT ARCHIVE software package is a set of tightly integrated systems. Furthermore, the modules are configured to interact with, supplement or replace third-party developed software tools, which our clients are accustomed to.

The INTELLIGENT ARCHIVE software package consists of the following systems:

Archive management

Data management
  • Digital archive management system
  • Record keeping
  • Description of materials
  • Full-text search
  • Metadata
  • Cataloguing
Media Management
  • Media record keeping and storing
  • Inventory
  • Technical condition monitoring
  • Planning of scheduled operations
  • Barcoding
  • Automated invoices
  • Location tracking of media
  • Media archive’s cold warehouse management
  • Integration with external MAM-systems
  • Transcoding
  • Generation of Proxy copies

Rights Management

Rights Control
  • Licensee / Licensor
  • Reports on the availability of free rights (for use or sale)
Distribution of сontent
  • Online preview
  • Thematic collections
  • Playlists
Purchasing rights
Broadcast Planning
  • Counterparty management
  • Contract management
  • E-invoices, e-billing
  • Payment control
  • Integration with external business software (ex. Book-keeping, Contact Management, Inventory Management, Document Management, and others)

Digital documentation workflows

  • Incoming and outgoing mail
  • Control of the execution
  • Integration with other systems

Instant notifications

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Messengers


  • Statistics, accounting, management
  • Configurable indicators of monitoring

Centralized authentication

  • Levels and areas of access to information
  • Control of access to premises

Our other solutions


  • The Smart home for your yacht, home and office. – Mobile application
  • All integral parts of the classic Smart home solutions
  • Yacht specificity: navigation and data from the equipment

“eCheck” interactive car service check-in

  • Mobile solution for interactive car service check-in
  • Paperless documentation of car check-in, inspection and diagnostics
  • Automatic upload of check-in summary to DMS
  • Recommended for use by Ford, Toyota, KIA, Suzuki representations, and other brands


  • Trading and analysis system for car dealers spare parts stocks
  • Generation of spare parts stock reports, for representation monitoring needs
  • Management of dealers’ warehouse, including automated sale instruments for dead and obsolete stock