Expert solution for an archive of any scope

Digitization of paper and video archives

Media types
  • Betacam
  • Betacam SP
  • Digital Betacam
  • IMX
  • А4/A3/Irregular sizes
  • Single pages, books, albums
  • Decrepit documents
  • Drawings, diagrams, illustrations, photographs
    Paper documents
        Videotapes (digitization of professional formats)
            • Professional equipment, regularly serviced by company repairmen. Own stock of components and fittings
            • DeckLink capture boards
            • TapeCheck
            • Professional equipment range for the archival scanning
            • High productivity scanning units
            • Support of decrepit document
            Tape recorders
                    • Tapes are subject to extra preliminary checks (tape physical errors, cleansing), prior to the digitization
                    • Digitization process is monitored online, with web access and control of results
                    • Videotapes are marked with barcodes, therefore all media motions are recorded in logistics logs
                    • Media are transferred in sealed containers
                    • Visual control over digitization process
                    • Results of files digitization are verified by QuaCheck, report is issued
                    • Supports all media-files, codecs and container types, which are used for broadcast, nonlinear editing, web and mobile formats
                    • Process outcome includes: digitization report, HiRes/HiRes files + proxy, archive
                    • Possibility of media description through innovative technology of key objects identification
                        • Register of documents, recorded in specialised software
                        • Careful handling of the source documents
                        • Security of information
                        • Support of industry standard (PDF/A format)
                        • Auto-correction of the scanned image – crop, rotation, brightness/contrast
                        • Indexing, recognition
                        • Process results include the structured archive, with search and catalog embedded, not a mere bunch of detached pages
                          Paper documents
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