• Fast inflow analysis of video-files, criteria-based decision-making
  • The solution is fully functional and ready for use with minimum configurations
  • Customizable to suit client's specific


Solution for technical control and analysis of media-files (Quality Check System)
  • Time-lapse and inframe analysis
    of media-files
  • Client's web-interface
  • Results of analysis associated with corresponding video footage
  • SaaS system compatibility
  • API for third-party integrations
  • Multithreading
  • Cross-platform
Key features
  • Intuitive and visual display of analysis results
  • User templates of controlled criteria, specific for file types
  • Analysis results accessible from any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Compatible with any operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS)
  • Adjustable notifications (through browser, e-mail, messengers)
  • Customizable to suit client's specifics
  • Operations reports and statistics
Supports all media-files, codecs and container types, which are used for broadcast, nonlinear editing, web and mobile formats
Easy setting/tuning of treshold values of analysis filters which prevents false triggering
Video analysed with frame-to-frame precision
Syncronisation of hi-resolution file review to video monitor (with SDI output card support)
Pop-up prompts
System operational report
Software only – installation on client's hardware (Windows, Linux, macOS)
Hardware plus software package
Cloud solution SaaS
High productivity rate and scale up capacity
Istallation options
Metadata analyzed
  • Container type
  • Videocodec type
  • Frame size
  • Color subsampling
  • Frame ratio (DAR)
  • Pixel ratio (PAR)
  • Video stream bitrate
  • Video stream bitrate type
  • Frame rate
  • File length
  • Quantity of audio streams
  • Aggregate file bitrate
Video stream analysis
  • Frame-by-frame analysis of channel levels (Y,U,V, HUE, SAT)
  • Missing pixels
  • Vertical stripes detection
  • Detection of exceeding the broadcast range
  • Fields' order errors
  • Flickering
  • Coding errors (MSE, PSNR, SSIM)
  • Сompression artifacts (macroblocks)
  • Still-frames detection
  • Dark/black frames detection
  • Presence and types of fields
  • Comb effect detection
  • Check of black and white allowed values
Audio stream analysis
  • Instant volume
  • Momentary volume
  • Integral volume
  • Mean squared volume
  • Dynamic volume range
  • Stream phase
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